Hi friends

– My name is Jess and I love to write. I’m a huge fan of fitness, reading, writing, personal growth and development, taking pictures, and lifting weights. This blog is my attempt to get some of my thoughts out in the hopes that someone else will read them and it will help them in some way, shape or form. My love language is support for this site (seriously my boyfriend’s best pick up line was ‘I read your blogs’). I would love if you took a look around, found a post that resonated with you, and shared it with someone else who needs it.

I’m kind of an open book, I enjoy chatting with new people. Feel free to use the form on my contact page, or look me up on instagram @jschluter if you wanna talk about a topic in the post, or schedule a photoshoot, or just wanna say hi. I love new friends.

Thanks for visiting my page

– Jess