Why Your Bad Day Might Be BS

“I’m having a bad day.” Every one has said it before. Some people say it all the time. Others think it, but maybe they don’t say it out loud all of the time. I’m guilty. Super guilty. I catch myself saying “Oh I’m just having a rough morning” or “I had a bad day today” all the time. And then I do a heavy eye roll at myself. Was it really a rough morning, or just one rough thing that happened that I chose to let cloud my good mood? Usually it’s the second.

If I get a rude customer, or I forget my lunch at home, or I get to work a few minutes late, or one of my co-workers is being annoying, sometimes I let it bother me too much. Sometimes I forget the insignificance of those things. Sometimes I choose to let myself mope and wallow in my “bad day.” Even on days where bad things really happen, like my car needs expensive repairs, or I had a fight with someone close to me, or just nothing goes right all day, I still try to remind myself: there are people who would do anything to have my bad days. 

Even on my bad days, I have a job, a roof over my head, I live in a safe neighborhood in a relatively safe country, I have an amazing family, a few great friends, my bills are paid, my stomach is full, I’m healthy, and I go to sleep at night knowing I’m safe. There are a lot of people in this world who can’t say these things. Hell, there are a lot of people in this country who can’t say these things. I try to keep that in perspective when I start getting down about every day annoyances or inconveniences.

There are people in this world who live in war zones, who never know when a bomb is going to tear apart their home. There are people in this world who live in places where they can’t freely express themselves without fear of imprisonment or death. There are people in this world who starve to death because they can’t get enough food to survive. There are people in this world who don’t know where their next meal will come from, or where they will lay their head down to go to sleep at night. There are people who can’t leave their house after dark because they live in such an unsafe neighborhood. There are people who work two, three, four jobs just to scrape by. There are people who are fighting cancer. There are people who have to watch their children fight cancer. There are many, many people who are a lot worse off than me.

Now, I’m not saying you can never have a bad day. Sometimes its one or two small things that happen. In that case, I let myself be annoyed for five minutes at most and then tell myself to let it go. Sometimes, you just have downright crappy days that suck and you have to let yourself wallow and feel sorry for yourself a little bit. But, if you feel like every day is a bad day that requires sadness and wallowing – maybe your bad days aren’t really so bad. Maybe you just need an attitude adjustment. Next time you are in a bad mood because you’re having a “bad day” – ask yourself, is whatever I’m letting bother me really worth my happiness? Is that inconvenience or annoyance really enough to steal my joy? Will I even remember this in a few months, or years? Is it really that bad of a day? Chances are, it’s not. Chances are, you need to tell yourself to let it go. Life is too short, so why waste your precious time on this Earth living every day unhappy?



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