To My Grandma on Her Birthday…..

Some people don’t have the luxury of seeing their grandparents often. I’m one of the lucky ones who has grown up within an hour or two of most of my grandparents. Since I was 4, I’ve never lived more than 10 miles away from my mom’s parents. Growing up close to my grandparents has provided me with more than enough great memories to cherish for the rest of my life. My grandpa was one of my best friends and even as we come up on the seven year anniversary of his death, I still miss him every single day.



This post is about my grandma though. Today is her 71st birthday and in my opinion, she’s had an amazing 71 years. She has 3 children, 8 grandchildren, 3 nieces/nephews, 4 (soon to be 5) great-nieces/nephews, and countless friends. She worked full-time, along with my grandpa, to put her three children through school. Although she’s technically retired now, she still works part-time at a job she loves. She doesn’t look a day over 60. She’s fought and beat breast cancer, twice. She has dealt with the loss of her husband and persevered with inspiring strength. She is there at the drop of a hat to help her kids, grand kids (especially), friends, or anyone who needs it. All you have to do is scroll through her Facebook timeline on her birthday to see that she is loved by many far and wide. She’s a cool grandma, always dressing in what’s in style (skinny jeans, booties, etc). In fact, we’ve literally shown up to a party wearing the same sweater before. She makes me laugh and she makes me smile, and only sometimes does she make me roll my eyes. She is funny, and caring, and loving, and strong, and smart, compassionate, empathetic, sincere, reliable, and beautiful, and a whole host of other amazing things.



Grandma, even though I don’t tell you enough I love you more than words could say and I am forever grateful for the love and support you have given to me in my 23 years. Whether it is telling me how proud you are of my accomplishments or giving me toilet paper when I run out at my apartment and the store is closed (this actually happened last night lol), I wouldn’t be here today without you. I’m so thankful to have such a wonderful relationship with you and there is no one else I’d rather share a rum bucket on the beach with. So happy birthday to you grandma! I can’t wait to celebrate many more with you. Love, Jess.

grandma and grandma
My grandma, right, and great-grandma (her mom), left. 
Rum buckets on the beach in Fort Myers Beach, Florida.

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