Here Goes Nothin’….

Hey guys, I wanna start this post off by saying thank you. Thank you to every single one of you who share my blog, and who comment on it and give me feedback. Thank you to every single one of you who reads every blog I post, and thank you to anyone who has taken the time to read even one post. I especially want to give a thank you to each and every one of you who tell me “I can’t wait to read your next blog!” These are the things that motivate me to write. These are the things that keep me posting. So thank you for all the support I’ve received so far.

At the end of this post, I talk about the “big announcement” I’ve alluded to a few times on Facebook. You can skip to the bottom if you are really impatient, but the stuff in the middle is good, too.

As my faithful readers know, for the past several months I’ve been struggling with trying to figure out the direction my life is headed. I’ve been trying to figure out what career I want to pursue, and what is going to make me happy in the long run. A while ago, I saw a this quote that I wrote about in a past blog post:

“Don’t worry about finding your “passion.” Instead, start by acting on the small things that excite you or spark your interest each day. These are the threads that will connect you to a path of fulfillment.”- Ruben Chavez // IG: thinkgrowprosper

I took this quote to heart and started worrying less about finding my passion and more about doing things that excited me more often. And you know what? Through that, I’ve found several things I’m passionate about. The first one is writing. I write a little bit each and every day, even if I’m not posting. It makes me feel calmer and it helps me unwind. I love writing and I’m excited to see my writing evolve and develop as I gain more experience. The other thing that I’ve found that I’m truly passionate about is photography. I love taking pictures. More than taking the pictures though, I love capturing a moment: a real laugh when a funny joke is told, a genuine smile when you look at someone you care about, true excitement when you open a gift that you love. I love showing people pictures that I’ve taken of them and seeing their eyes light up. I love capturing memories for people.

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of signs pushing me to follow my passions. Mostly quotes that pop up on social media or people who show up on my timeline who worked their butt off doing something they loved and were rewarded for it. I’ve been listening to podcasts about successful people and about happy people. And I’ve come up with some things that I’ve been repeating to myself each day.

“It’s better to try and fail than to never try at all.”

“If you wait until you’re sure you’re ready, you’ll never do it.”

And, “Why the hell not?”

I would rather look back at my life and say, “Well, I failed but at least I tried” rather than “Wow, I wish I would have tried harder.” I would rather follow my passion and fail spectacularly than look back with regret wishing I would’ve listened to my heart. But, truthfully I know in my heart that I will be successful in whatever I do as long as I work hard and stay true to myself.

I have voices of doubt telling me I’m not ready, telling me I don’t know enough, telling me I’m not good enough. I’ve been telling those voices to shut up but they are pretty loud. However, I’m ignoring them and jumping in feet first, knowing sink or swim I will be okay.

So here it is, the big announcement.


I’m starting my own photography business: Jessica Schluter Photography. I’m currently in the beginning stages but I would love to start booking 2018 senior sessions, family sessions, maternity sessions, couple sessions, individual sessions, and even pet sessions if anyone is interested. I am not taking on any weddings, at least for right now.

At the moment I’m working on nailing down pricing, updating my website, putting together my portfolio, and branding. Starting my own business is a completely new thing for me, so if you have any tips or advice don’t be afraid to message me. I did a shoot last Sunday night. I was so excited that I immediately came home, edited the pictures, and showed them to Austin and Lexi. The joy I felt shooting and editing let me know that this is what I’m supposed to be doing. The positive feedback I’ve gotten is just an added bonus.

To myself: I promise to always follow my passion, to keep working hard to learn new things to be the best I can be, to continue to find the joy in doing the things that I am passionate about, and to never make it about the money.

To those who choose to take a chance on a new photographer: I promise to deliver you the best product that I am capable of, to never settle until you are satisfied, and to do my best to capture your true selves and the memories that you want to treasure.

That being said, please contact me if you are interested in booking a session with me!! For now, I’ll be booking through my Jessica Schluter Photography and Blog Facebook or you can email me at Anyone who books before August 15th will receive an introductory promo price (shoot does not have to be done before August 15th). Message me for the details!

As always, thank you for your support, feedback, and time. I love my readers!!


Austin and Lexi, July 2017


  1. Martin

    Cool !!!!!!!
    I have some equipment, that I will donate to the cause.
    I used to do this on the side and stuff is just sitting….filters, stands, flash items, accessories abound
    Let me know


  2. Julie A Creek

    YEH! Super proud of you! Owning your own business is TOUGH stuff. You’ll work crazy hours and most people around you will NOT understand your passion and willingness to work such long hours. I pray that you have friends who surround and support you…just like your Momma has always done for me!

    Liked by 1 person

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