Take the Leap

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, a lot of my inspiration comes from quotes I hear and posts I see. Over the past several months, I’ve made it a priority to follow accounts on social media that are positive and motivating and to consume other forms of knowledge (podcasts, books, etc) that have the same message. The purpose of this is to get daily reminders to stay motivated, to work hard, and to be positive. Recently, I’ve encountered two separate, but similar, pieces of advice that have really changed my perspective.

The first is from an fitness influencer who has a podcast that I listen to, Amanda Bucci. The advice is this: “Done is better than perfect.”

The second is from my nutrition coach, friend, and motivator, Dustin. His advice is “Be okay with publishing the shitty version.””

Both of these refer to doing jumping in and doing something new. Amanda says that taking action will move you forward, build your confidence, and help you gain experience even if it’s not perfect from the get-go. And DK says “We can get so zoomed in and so overwhelmed and paralyzed by things we wanna change and projects we wanna start when really we need to be okay with a first, crappy version…. once we get it out there, we can start refining it and making it better.” (DK just recently launched his own blog and has a couple of really great posts on there, you can check them out here.)

As most of you know, I recently launched my own photography business. I didn’t really feel like I was ready, I still have a ton of stuff to learn and a lot of kinks to work out. But I realized that if I didn’t do it, I was never going to. So, I launched and I’ve been learning as I go.

I’ve already done about five things that I wish I could do differently. I’ve made several mistakes. To launch the business, I hosted a giveaway to increase interest and get the word about about myself. I messed up a couple times regarding this giveaway. For one thing- I had multiple typos in the picture that I posted on Instagram, which of course I didn’t realize until after I posted it & people had been commenting. Also, I think the instructions were a little too vague. And then to top it all off, I messed up my dates and announced the end of the contest & very nearly announced a winner a full day earlier than when I said the contest was going to end. Essentially – I published a first, shitty version and although it was done, it surely was NOT perfect.

But guess what? People still entered the contest. I still was able to pick a winner (actually on the right date, not a full day early). And the winners (I ended up picking two) were both really excited about being chosen! It still fulfilled my goal of increasing traffic to my page and increasing the number of people following both my Facebook and Instagram. No one even said anything to me about the typos or the mistakes. It probably bothered me more than anyone. I published a first, shitty version and it wasn’t a total failure.

I still have a lot to learn, and I’m sure many more mistakes will be made along the way. But in the week and a half since I’ve launched this project, I’ve had quite a bit of interest so far and it’s incredibly encouraging. I know that with hard work and dedication, I’ll be able to follow my passion and achieve my dream of owning a successful photography business. And I’m so glad I decided to take that first leap, even though it wasn’t perfect, even though it was still a “rough draft,” even though I wasn’t really ready.

If there’s something new you want to do – a business you want to launch, a new hobby you want to try, a new career path you want to pursue, a blog you want to start – just DO it. Just jump in with both feet and not worry about whether or not your ready. If you wait until you’re sure that you’re ready, you might be waiting forever. You’ll always find an excuse. So just do it. Maybe this is just me, but I’d rather look back and applaud myself for the effort rather than regret never trying in the first place. If you want something bad enough, you can find a way to make it happen. So take the leap. You might make mistakes along the way (it’s pretty much guaranteed that you will), but you’ll learn. You’ll gain experience. You’ll grow. And you’ll get better.


As always, thanks for reading my thoughts and ramblings.

– Jessica


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