What’s that saying about excuses?

We all know the saying. And it’s true, everyone has got their own excuses. Excuses for why they can’t work. Excuses for why they didn’t text back. Excuses for why they don’t have time to work out. Excuses for why they got a bad grade. Excuses for why they can’t save money. Excuses for why are still at the same job that they hate. Excuses for e v e r y t h i n g. You have them. I sure as hell have them. Everyone has them.

And you know what? They’re bullshit. This is my first blog in months. The last time I wrote, I started a series that I never even finished. I’ve got excuses why – my life is busy, I couldn’t find the right words, I never found the time. But those aren’t real reasons – they’re lies I tell myself to make myself feel better. The truth is that I didn’t do it. I didn’t make myself sit down and write it. I didn’t want to, so I didn’t do it. That’s the truth, no BS, no excuse. And I hate that I didn’t finish it because I was lazy. It definitely doesn’t make me feel good.

We make excuses for things every single day. You and me both. But the truth is that excuses are a waste of time and breath. For years, I made excuses about why I couldn’t lose weight. When I stopped making excuses and actually started calling myself on my shit and putting in the effort, I lost weight. Damn near 30 pounds this year to be exact. And it feels amazing! My excuses used to be I work too early, I’m too busy to eat healthy, it’s just too hard and I have too much on my plate right now, etc etc etc. You know what? I’m currently working three jobs and attempting to have a social life. I meal prep a couple times a week and I work out at least once every day and twice several days a week. I go to the gym at 4 am for cardio voluntarily. I quit going out to eat several times a week and binge eating chips or sweets just because I was tired and didn’t feel like cooking. I quit buying into my excuses and I actually made a change. And it feels freakin’ amazing. I wish I had done it a long time ago.

I’ve been making excuses in other areas of my life, too. Excuses for why I’m at a job that I don’t enjoy. Excuses for why I can’t keep my apartment clean for more than a day. Excuses for why I keep people in my life that only hold me back. Excuses for why I haven’t been doing the things I love – such as sitting down to write or to read a book. Excuses for why I waste hours of my life on social media or watching Netflix. Excuses for why I’m not making progress towards making my life into the life that I want to lead. Excuse after excuse. And right now, in this moment, I’m calling myself on my bullshit. Now when I make these excuses, I will be fully aware of how full of shit I am. And slowly, just like I did with losing weight and getting in shape, I will start to make less and less excuses and actually get my shit together. It’s already started and I’m planning on making more of an effort in the coming weeks and months. The happiness and the accomplishment and the confidence that I have been experiencing as of late due to my lack of excuse-making in regards to the gym and eating healthy is driving me to say eff you to my excuses about other aspects of my life, as well.

My question to you is: what are you making excuses about? Are you aware of the excuses you’re making? When you get a bad grade, you can make an excuse and say the assignment was too hard or the teacher graded your test unfairly – or you could accept that if you put in a little more effort or studied harder, you could’ve done better. When you spend the money you’re supposed to be sliding into your savings account, you can make excuses and say that you really¬†needed whatever you bought with it or that you couldn’t have done without that money to pay your bills this month – or you could accept that if you scrimped a little here and there, maybe don’t spend $5 on a coffee or going out to eat a few times a week, you could be saving more money and making ends meet. When day after day you keep going back to the job that makes you unhappy and makes you wish your life away waiting for Friday, you could make excuses and say that you won’t find a better job or it’s just not a good time to leave right now – or you could accept that you are in control of your life and your happiness and if the job makes you unhappy maybe it’s time to move on. Don’t fall prey to the victim mentality. The only thing you can control is your actions/reactions and your attitude. Accept that YOU can change your life by fixing your mindset and taking personal responsibility for your own actions.

I’m not saying it’s easy to stop making these excuses and I’m not saying you can quit cold turkey or change your life over night. But being aware of the excuses you make and how often you’re making them might help you call yourself on your own BS and slowly but surely start making more of an effort and stop making so many excuses. It’s working for me so far, and I’m ready to continue making progress towards shaping my life into the life that I want to lead.

As always, thanks for reading my rants and ramblings. Any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated more than you could ever know.



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