Choosing the Positive

What was the first thing you did when you woke up this morning? What about the last thing you did before you fell asleep last night?

If you’re like me, and probably a lot of people, you had your phone in your hand. You open your eyes in the morning & reach for your phone. And when you lay down in bed at night, you don’t actually go to sleep for 15-30 minutes, maybe even an hour or more, because you’re scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, Snapchat, whatever it is. Social media has become so prevalent that we spend hours a day on it. Consuming what we see on our feeds. Letting that affect our mindset. I know I spend way too much damn time on social media, and I know I’m not the only one – but that’s a whole nother post. It’s easy to say we should spend less time on social media – which most of us probably should – but it’s harder to put that into practice. So if we are spending so much time on it, we should be exercising some control over what we’re seeing.

We consume so much information through social media. Which is why it’s so important that you’re following the right people. A lot of people use social media to vent. Some of this is negative, and some is positive. When you’re scrolling through your feeds today, pay attention: how many people on your feed are projecting negative energy? How many people are posting about how they had another shitty day and nothing ever goes right for them or they can’t wait until Friday because they hate their job or how much they hate Monday’s, etc etc. And how many people are projecting positive energy? Posting encouraging words or how they’re excited for new opportunities or how they’re pushing through even though they’re having a rough day or something else along those lines.

You might not realize it, but you become a product of what you consume. This is very important for books, TV, music, etc but it’s also important for social media. Constantly seeing that negativity is going to lead to you feeling negative towards events in your own life and feeling that same sort of melancholy, poor me feeling. Conversely, filling your feed with positivity can help you feel lifted up, encouraged, and motivated to be a positive influence on those around you.

Even following people who only ever post the good things that happen can affect you negatively. When you see people who seem to have perfect lives, you can start to feel like yours isn’t that great. I like when people share real life- the failures, the successes, the nights out, the no makeup/haven’t left the couch in 8 hours selfies, the good things, and the bad things. It’s all about the language they use and the vibes they put out. Can they talk about their failures positively? Can they see the good side of a shitty situation? Or is it only ever negativity & a poor me/why me outlook?

You can tailor your feed to help change your mindset. Seek out people to follow who are posting the positivity and encouragement. These can be social media influencers, quote sites, motivational speakers, people who you aspire to emulate, or even people you know who you look to as a positive influence. And those negative people? The people who make you feel down and negative and unmotivated? Unfollow & unfriend. Don’t feel bad about it even if it’s someone you know. Even if it’s a friend. If you can’t unfollow, scroll past and don’t read the negativity. You choose what influences you keep in your life. Choose the positive.

As always, thanks for reading my thoughts and ramblings. I appreciate any and all feedback!

P.S. – take a look at your own feed. Are you projecting positivity? Or adding to the negativity? You can influence others just as much as they influence you.

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