Personal Training

Did you know that I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer?

Well, you do now!

I love exercise in many (not quite all) forms. I think that it is one of the very best things you can do for your body, and everyone who is able to exercise should take advantage of that gift.

Exercise can be helpful in a weight management program, but it is about so much more than weight loss – there are substantial benefits to moving your body besides just making it smaller.

Whether your goals are to lose weight, or to improve your balance or core strength, or to get strong, or to just learn how to use things in the gym besides the cardio machines, I can help you out.

I currently train local in-person clients, either at The Zone St. Joseph or in their own homes.

I also offer 1:1 online coaching. This entails weekly check-ins, personalized workouts, regular access to me throughout the week if you have questions, and it can include macro coaching. Workout plans will be written according to your current skill level, gym or home access, and equipment available.

Macro coaching can be added on to packages for an additional fee. Macros refers to macronutrients, or carbs, fats, and protein. Tracking your macros is similar to tracking your calories, except that instead of one overall calorie total, you are aiming to hit specific totals for each macronutrient. Macro tracking can be more helpful than calorie tracking when it comes to changing your body composition because you can manipulate the numbers according to your goals. If your goal is fat loss or muscle gain or maintenance or something else, you can switch up the amount of protein/carbs/fats that you consume to better reach your goal.

I do not offer meal plans, since I am not a registered dietitian.

Here’s my pricing breakdown:

In Person Training – At the Zone

$20 per session

$100 for 6 sessions

$190 for 12 sessions

In Person Training – At Your Home

$25 per session

$125 for 6 sessions

$240 for 12 sessions

Online Coaching 

$50 for 4 weeks

$95 for 8 weeks

$140 for 12 weeks

Macro Coaching 

$15 for 4 weeks


In-person sessions are 45 minutes long. Depending on my travel time, in-home training prices are subject to change..

If you are interested in talking more about personal training, please contact me!